PersoKey is a holistic identity
verification platform for
companies to verify their
customers quickly and securely.

The Four Pillars of PersoKey Verification

SIM Authentication
Phone Intelligence

Dynamic Biometrics

Machine Learning

Deep Fraud Risk Expertise

Under the Hood

Phone Possession

Phone Ownership

Burner Phone Detection

Live Face Detection

Verified Selfie

Location and IP Intelligence

Machine Learning

PersoKey Trust Index

Trust Across Every Channel

Secure Your
Call Center

Secure Your
Online Orders

Secure Your
Customer Profiles

One Solution. Multiple Industries.

Financial Institutions

Remove fraudsters from your call center and deliver full branch-level services to your real customers.

Online Retailers

Approve more high value orders while removing fraud and chargebacks.

Social Networks

Eliminate fake profiles and give users a more secure and trusted environment.


Corporate Headquarters
14600 N Airport Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260